All of the F.A.C.E. Seminars are 1-Day Seminars for individuals and businesses in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area. F.A.C.E. Shops will also teach onsite at any Corporate locations.

Learning How to Make Lemonade Out of Bad Lemons
Powerful techniques that make an impact into jump-starting your destiny: organizing what to do first,-creating priority, action plans, and high expectations for even stalled projects.

Dreaming to Death: Learning to Transfer Dreams from a Death Certificate to Birth Certificate
This is an emergency intervention of strategic methods designed to keep you on track through changing priorities, last-minute alterations, uncertainty, crises, and chaos. As a result the student lives in purpose to ultimately make a date with destiny.
Use it to encourage employees to move beyond their defined jobs to deliver breakthrough ideas and exceptional performance

The Laws Of Recognition 
Ways to work around establishment restrictions that can stifle creativity and crush employee morale Kick the attitude of "that's the way we've always done it" out the door and approach old tasks from a fresh perspective

Training Executives To See Employees Through Vision and Not Eyesight
Find out why traditional management models just don't measure up in today's workplace … and what to use instead. Build Teams That Pull Together with a visionary Instead of A Boss.

Learning How to Speak Honeydew to Create Honeycombs In The Workplace
Strong leaders are strong communicators — what to say--how to infuse your communication style with confidence and power how to say it — leadership language … that supports synergy and encourages others to agree with you

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