River that Runs
Personal trials in life happen to everyone. We are not brave enough too expose painful truth that masquerade our bondage. The revelations discovered in our personal storms of destruction are sometimes exhausting. Remember every season will come to an end and we must learn how to endure the storm.

Active choices made during the storm will create change. Give yourself permission to experience pain and disappointment long enough to evolve with wisdom. Problems in life will happen but we can live strategically through every situation.

If you are looking for answers on how to get started study the river. The water in a river runs with power, precision, and instinct. Water understands that no obstacle in the path should impede the flow of purposed passion. A river will run over a rocks, rush against tree stumps, hurdle boulders, push through old tires and move debris to be defined as a river.

Focus on the solution that will produce motivation and passion to live your dream out loud. Make time to discover or pursue your purposed passion that causes your river to run.

The closing of the year is always a time of reflection and remembrance. Honestly, the beginning of a new thing is sweeter. Children would easily relate to the beginning of a year as a "Do Over".

Maybe this simplistic approach can be adopted to create a fresh start. When you don't feel as though things have worked out just as planned, we tend to get stagnant. Sometimes moving forward in life will take some concerted effort.

The challenge is to let things go with a clean slate. What is done is done. Make the transition easy. Every step to your future is more than a list of goals. Develop a plan to change your thinking and behavior concerning your goal.

Once the goal is achieved consider the goal worthy to be incorporated as a lifestyle. If we make change in life as often as needed, we tend to let go of things with ease.

Remember everyday is the day to say, "I can begin again."

Take the "S" Off Your Chest
I used to think people where crazy when they used to say sometimes you may have to stand in the mirror and encourage yourself. They call it self talk. In reality it isn't so ridiculous because it is an act of personal responsibility. Everyone must participate in changing what we don't like.

Basics like respect,consideration, face to face conversation,kindness, support, and understanding is limited today. Do yourself a favor and examine your life. It may not be necessary to become Sherlock Holmes but at least take off the blindfold.

Don't always be quick to accept what people say as definite, love yourself enough, to evaluate their actions. Opinions and imagery you choose to believe should be truthfully based.

Potential is what people may become. However, the will and dedication of each persons achievement can only come from within them. Encouragement is an action of verbal support. Words of wisdom should never be replaced with carrying a persons burdens.

Remember, Take the "S" off your chest, and point people to the savior, don't try to be a savior. Kind words will last a lifetime and give life at the point of death.

The end of the year is a natural time of reflection. People are consistently moving in life day to day. Hustling to the next idea, place, purchase, or even relationship. Rarely, do we pause for mid year inventory.

In December, we realize life has included an expansive role of questions like how, when, where and why. The discovery zone includes considerations, accommodations, and lies that have become a part of your personal to do list.

Reality is we neglected to release responsibility that belongs to someone else. We must all face our faults and imaginary idealism of worth. It is only perfect wisdom that stands up to say "enough is enough."

This year give the gift of truth and accountability to those you love. Be brave enough to face your giant and uncover the lies. Everything may change but at least the new foundation will be truthful.

Life is not a formula.

Many things in life are unexpected, whimsical, and shocking. However, the approach to solve problems must be generated from stability. Don't let your life be fueled with another persons interpretation of you.

Distance in relationships are a great time of reflections. Don't allow emotional tantrums to cover the truth. Take this time to focus on a personal invitation to encourage yourself to do more as an individual. Invite life to back into your heart. Focus on finding the source that causes passion to appear again.

Redirect your heart to make decision without the influence of other people. Sometimes abundance comes out individuality.

The war and battle to become has been consistent. Most revelations in consideration of change are fueled by inclusion of people. Don't get me wrong we must all live, love, and treasure our relationships. However, accountability of truth belongs to an individual.

It is okay to take personal inventory in life in search of one answer. Is this relationship hindering my growth? The answers are difficult to face, so avoidance, becomes the quiet solution.

TRUTH will beg for recognition. Inevitably, every person has a distinct impression to make in life. The hardest choices involve answering the question am I strong enough to let go?

Relationships that are designed for growth, love, prosperity, and wholeness have one thing in common. AGREEMENT.

Whatever the circumstances, two or more people will only accomplish greatness when they agree.

Majoring in Minor Things
Sometimes reports we hear in life are not to our liking. We have no clue how and why things are out of control. Life has made you a passenger on a roller coaster of tumultuous peaks and valleys.

We are consumed in trouble with no hope. Fear can be deceptive during trials. The characteristics of fear is not relegated to shaking in the corner and jumping at boo! Fear will appear condescending and anxious. Sometimes it is inconceivable to believe and digest reality.

We begin to focus on fixing things, looking for resolution. For example, the police detective calls to inform mom her son had been shot; instead of grabbing a coat to get to the hospital, mom grabs the broom to sweep the steps.

The fear of her sons diagnoses at the hospital has perverted her reasonable response. The doctor could say, "he didn't make it" or "he sustained a graze from the bullet and will be fine."

In either case, mom must face her problems to get an answer. In each moment of trouble we must be conscious and awake. Don't let fear make you an expert majoring in minor things.

A New Day
Seasons change with precision. Never in history has summer refused to allow fall to assume authority.

Change is a common war people fight daily. A woman discovers she has picked up a few pounds and may require a larger dress size. However, stranger's become innocent causalities of war witnessing a lady squeeze in a dress two sizes too small. Ironically, a man loosing his hair will take our vision captive with a bad hair piece.

In both situations, change appears to be a bad thing. Change is an opportunity to embrace growth. An acceptable spirit will embrace a natural flow of change to discover new revelations.

Each day is packed with secrets. An ability to forget about yesterday and time to focus on new thought's, idea's, and dreams. Today is a new day, accept change and move forward

Take A Bow
Before I exit life, I hope that a revelation touches not only my life but others. Is it about the fame, fortune, or family? In my perspective, it is about the family.

My choice is to understand strangers are family. A simple acknowledgment of truth and interconnection, will force me to accept greater accountability in life. A great author once said, "no man is an island." In his day, community probably justified such a powerful understanding.

Today, the island would probably laugh. I have decided to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Help someone other than yourself. Every friend you have was once a stranger. We may never get recognized to take a bow. However, when the curtain closes in life you can be at peace about giving life to others.

The greatest fear I have ever faced is being different. I realized early in life people are celebrated when they ascribed to the role of chameleon. Unique expression and interpretations are frowned upon in traditional circles.

During change, absolute integrity vehemently supports new ideas challenging old traditions. The revelation of will expose false ideology paraded as truth. However, truth must be carried by a free agent. A person who is willing to be persecuted duruing the evolution in life is extraordinary.

Every person can't be motivation to ignite change but if you are a free agent be strong enough to stand. Rosa Parks was a free agent? What about you?

Live Out Loud
The economy has changed life in all aspects. We have graduated from moving forward to standing still. The resolve of most people is to stay above water. The recession has orchestrated animosity among political parties and spark fearful conversations.

If this were daytime soaps it would be titled "as the economy turns." Everyone's economic structure has been soiled from banking, real estate, employment, and wall street. The most valuable commodity today, is the ability to dream and pursue.

This is not the time to give up or throw in the towel. Make room for energy, emotions, and strength to execute dreams. Choose not to participate in the recession. Live out loud with focus, zeal, and insight, for future greatness. You have nothing to loose but a new life to gain.

Along the Way
Some of my choices in life were made from a place of fear. This fear combined with a lack of boundaries and a mangled heart accommodated a gray life. All my choices in life become foggy; avoidance of a clear yes or no became evident.

Gray was facilitating indecisiveness. Gray is known to be a false confidant and a proverbial shadow of a fear. Sometimes it will mask as a fear of failure or fear of success. However, when the shadow becomes bigger than the light, deception is near. The only way out is to choose? Fear or Faith?

Faith understand that clarity has definitive boundaries which are direct, precise, and specific. Faith personality traits tend to be black or white, usually labeled as "type A" characteristics.

If you have functioned in life filled with gray, try a new approach. Create a boundary chart. Place your new B.S (Belief System) at the top. Line number one should read, "I have to decided to make choices that support my faith and not my fears." Line number two should be, "I will be strong and courageous."

Along the way, time, lessons learned, and boundaries have helped me make faithful choices. Everyday, is a day to change for the better.

Dig Deep
Life is destined to change. Be responsible, endure each day with desire to evolve. The unexpected is always seeking someone to answer the door. Is that you?

Hope has to be created within unexpected situations. The greatest enemy of progress is fear and noise. Replace fear with the hope possibility.

The past has no bearing on your future. The future is a new window desperate for a painting of inspiration, service, and destiny.

Turn off the noise of people who can be described as dream killers. Listen to the truth that lies within.

Everyone can dream but the victory is destined for the the person who is will to dig deep within.


​ In Pursuit of Destiny