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  • ​"Life permits everyone the ​ability to dream.  
    but ​

    ​the courage  
    to attain a 

    ​​be attained by the 

          --PJ Little

    Welcome to the virtual world of  F.A.C.E. ENTERPRISESWe have especially designed a place where you have the opportunity to be inspired, gain access to change, and become responsible for your future. Learn how to create your own path of renewal.

    ​What Can I Do Today?​

    Make a decision. The opportunity for you to live what you dream is possible and available in this life.

    ​How Can That Happen?
    Day by Day.  Take the practical approach of learning to stay alive in life.  Problems will happen. People will hurt you and you will grow tired, weak and weary.  However, when you give up your ability to pursue change and dream, that is a choice. Just as sure as you are given a name at birth, purpose is waiting inside of you.  The world of discouragement that follows you can be changed.  The question to ask yourself  is " do you believe achieving a dream is your responsibility."

    Take A Leap Of Faith
    Challenge the circumstances that keep the dreams you have stuck in between, what is now and what is waiting  to be.  Run out in determination, run over fear, spread your wings and let the wind of hope teach you to soar; soar higher and higher, the opportunity to work the dream of greatness, is waiting for you to become a flying target.

    ​TimeWaits for no one.
    Let F.A.C.E.Enterprises help you begin to live the dream.

    Minister Penny J. Little
    CEO, Owner​​


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